FAQ Problems and Wording Issues

Just a quick post to complain about a really, (in my opinion,) stupidly done rules wording by GW.

In the Grey Knights FAQ they declared this:

Q: Does the Vindicare Assassin’s Deadshot special rule supersede the Look Out, Sir! special rule for the purposes of wound allocation, meaning that the player who owns the Vindicare Assassin is still allowed to allocate the wounds from its shooting even if their opponent makes and passes a Look Out, Sir! roll? (p53)

A: Yes.


I understand the reasoning behind this ruling. After all, the Vindicaire Assassin would be worthless without his Deadshot bonus. But my problem isn’t that they changed this, it’s the wording and way they did it. If they had changed it in the Errata  (IE ‘Change ‘Deadshot’ to read that ‘Look Out, Sir!’ cannot be taken against shots with this special rule,) that would be A-OK. But using the method they did, (Phrasing it as a question,) they actually ignored the way that Look Out, Sir! inherently works. It functions as a way to move the wound AFTER allocation, but using their wording it turns into a special rule that happens during the wound allocation. You can’t re-allocate after armor saves have been taken, (That’s kind of a really major point,) but this says you can and, in fact, it claims that this is how it is supposed to happen.

In other words, this sets precedence for other powers based around allocation going into effect post-armor saves. Not only that, but even if Look Out, Sir! rolls were taken during the allocation phase, it’d still end up going like this:


Allocate with the assassin.

Re-allocate with Look Out, Sir!

Re-allocate with assassin.

Re-allocate with Look Out, Sir!

Re-allocate with assassin.

Re-allocate with Look Out, Sir!

Etc. until the roll is failed. 

In other words, I think this ruling is really, really stupid and could have been done a lot better.

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