By whotube

The history of The Power of the Waaagh!

Several months ago, I bought half of an ‘assault on black reach’ set. The orks. i didn’t play for a couple months, but then found that my friends got together every week to play. Obviously, i was thrilled. I ordered a Battleforce set to expand my army, as well as twenty extra boys, and did rather poorly against two of my opponents the first time i went. I realized i needed support figures to blow up tanks and carnifaxes and other powerful enemies. However, i didn’t have near enough funds to pay for dreadnaughts, wierdboys, shokk attack guns, kommandos, or any other figures of that sort.

I started by using a flamer and modeling clay to build a big mek with shokk attack guns. It was hideous. I tried again, using a new flamer, spare parts, wires, and a lot more modeling clay. This one looked half decent, and i had a great time making it. I was hooked. (I will post photos when i get the chance)  I continued making custom figures until i had four meganobs, a megaboss, a painboy, the aforementioned attack gun, and boss snickrot +ten redskull komandos and a nob.i am currently working on a deff dread, but i will need more modeling clay and some plasticard.

This blog is about the creation of custom figures from boyz and nobs into weapons of mass destruction, so that i may crush the ‘uny imperium under steel toed boots with mega powered nobz, dem bakstabin’ kommandos, stormboys, and tons of dakka.

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